(100% OFF) The AWS Course (TOP RATED)

What you’ll learn
Hands-on practical knowledge of AWS services. You will also learn about Docker and how it helps in deploying microservices. Each and every service is as practical as possible. Stay tuned for projects!

Basic Linux commands and Networking concepts
The most in-depth practical course out there for AWS. We have discussed all of the services of AWS that are part of the Cloud Practitioner Certification exam and also AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. This course will also help any individual grasp the most complex concepts in the most easiest way. Every lecture is about an hour in duration. One hour a day = 365 hours a year for yourself = 4 technical certifications. One day at at time, one step at a time. Checkout the Real World Scenarios section. That’s the most important one!

Author(s): P K Akshay

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