Huawei To Unveil Its Own Mapping Service 'Map Kit' In Order To Challenge Google Map

Huawei To Unveil Its Own Mapping Service 'Map Kit' In Order To Challenge Google Map

After Huawei reveals it's new Mapping kit which would reportedly challenge Google Maps, Chinese smartphone manufacturer mapping service is known as Map Kit. Map Kit would provide developers a street navigation system in addition as a way to point out users period traffic conditions. it would support augmented-reality (AR) mapping and wouldn't be for direct consumer use, a report citing a Huawei executive claimed.

In addition, the Map Kit would provide period traffic conditions and lane change recognition features, reported by one of the Huawei Executives. The service is also the same to be on the market in 40 languages and tipped to launch in October. Last week, the Chinese tech giant unveiled HarmonyOS - mentioned as Hongmeng OS in China - that is aimed toward reducing the company's reliance on Google-developed automaton OS.

Focused on improved cross-platform operating, Harmony OS would work across a wide range of devices as well as smart speakers, automobiles, computers, smartwatches, wireless earbuds aside from smartphones and tablets.

Earlier this month, Google Maps added a variety of latest tools that are aimed toward creating travel plans less complicated and seamless. Google Maps can currently show all of your flight and hotel reservations beneath 'Your Places' within the app menu. a dedicated 'Reservations' tab can open an inventory of forthcoming visits. the main points are accessible even after you are offline, the official blog notes.

A new beta feature known as Live view has additionally been added for iOS devices supporting ARCore and ARKit. It uses augmented reality to point out a user which way to walk using a virtual guide. The Timeline feature has also been updated for android

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