How To Change Android Phone Font

How To Change Android Phone Font

We all love customizing our phone in our own way, changing our font style isn't exempted. Most Android users don't like using Android default font and prefer changing them. Not all phone gives you the ability to make changes to your font and appearance setting.

Most recently produced phone give you the ability to change your phone directly from setting while some require a third-party app.

Changing your font gives you a better experience and make your phone content appear better. Some phone requires root in order to change your phone font.

Stocked Android does not have the ability to customize your system font, most the phone manufacturers only make this possible only with root access.  Most Android smartphones from v6 upward including Samsung gives you the ability to change your font style.
There are many ways to change your phone system font, we will walk you through the various method to do so, do not forget some require rooted access.

System Settings
Most stock Android phone doesn't have a system built-in method for changing fonts, this actually depends on the manufacturer of your phone. Samsung and other smartphones have this built-in setting. In order to use this method follow the steps below:-
Step 1: Go to Setting>Display>Font>Font Style
Step 2: You'll see many system built-in font, which you can choose from. If you're not satisfied you can download more from the online store.

Use Of Font Installer
It is a free app which you can download on Play Store, it has many in-built fonts which you choose from. The custom font can be installed directly from your phone SD card. Font installer also gives users the ability to share font to others. Font Installer only works on rooted devices, so you have to root your phone before you make use this app.

Use Of PerAppFonts
PerAppFonts is also a free app which you can get from Play Store, it is built on Xposed Framework which enables you to change fonts that give a nice appearance. You may ask What is Xposed Framework?

Xposed framework is a groundbreaking development that actually gives you the potential ability to tweak your system settings, it only works on rooted devices. It is easy to install and configure, it enables you to install Mod/Tweak with system level functionality without flashing them with a custom recovery. Xposed Framework simply let you perform a function that is normally limited on your device.

PerAppFonts only work per-app basis, per-app basis simply let you choose custom fonts for each app instead of changing your whole system fonts. PerAppFonts comes with eight default font which consists of Roboto Condensed, Rosemary, Serif, Monospace, Sans, Stroropia, Roboto Slab including your current default font. If you want more fonts, download online, extract and put them into PerAppFonts folder in your SD Card storage and select them from the app settings.

Use Of HiFont
HiFont is one of the most popular app use for changing fonts on Android, you can get it for free on Play Store. It comes with a bunch of fonts which you can download from, Installation which is different from the main app itself. HiFonts also allow the user to use the custom font just as the PerAppFonts.
Samsung Galaxy phone supports HiFont even without root, but all other phones require root in order for HiFont to function properly.

Use Of FontFix
FontFix can be downloaded from FontFix, it is a free application which is only available for rooted devices. It has built-in features that allow the user to preview the font they intend on choosing so that they can know the exact font they wish to apply. In order to apply custom fonts on any Font app, follow the steps below;
Step 1: Copy the font with the file extension.TFF file to your SD Card, preferably the application file.
Step 2: Open the App(For this, Open FontFix since it is what we are using)
Step 3: We recommend you back up your system and your current font fonts so as not to alter them.
Step 4: Tap on the three dots placed at the top left(mostly, some top right) which is the Menu>Backup/Restore>Backup. Grant root access and then back up your fonts.
Step 5: Open your file directory which is Local, and find the .TFF file, and tap on Preview in order to Preview the font. Make sure you grant all Root Access.

You might prefer to install an online font from FontFix, follow the steps below;
Step 1: Open FontFix
Step 2: Find the font you wish to use and tap on Preview
Step 3: Install the font, after successfully downloading it.
Step 4: You might probably see a pop-up showing Warning or Notice the message, make sure you back up the font successfully before you proceed.
Step 5: Your device automatically reboot.

You might intend to change your font by using Launchers, Launchers don't change your whole system fonts. Launchers only change some parts. Launchers like: Apex Launcher, Go Launcher allows you to change the font. You can download them both from Play Store.

Apex Launcher has lists of font you could choose from, but GO Launcher is surprisingly the best choice. GO Launcher scan your phone for all the font files you have and give you the ability to change them. The steps below will change your font on Go Launcher:
Step 1: After successfully downloading GO Launcher, Install
Step 2: Open the App, then open GO Settings
Step 3: Find and tap on Font
Step 5: Scan font and after a successful scan, select the font of your choice.

Conclusion: In this article, we talked about the various methods you can change your font, with Default Setting, with Root or Launcher. If you had any issue trying these methods you can share it with us through the comment section!

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