Full Review On OnePlus 6T

Full Review On OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T is a flagship smartphone, it one of the few phones that you can access Android Q from. It has excellent features which include an on-screen fingerprint scanner, large battery capacity, and huge display.
OnePlus 7 has far better features than OnePlus 6T, it does not have high-profile features like the Huawei P30 or Samsung S series.

OnePlus 6T  Price

It price ranges due to storage capacity:
6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage - $549 (N169,000)
8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage - $579 (N179,000)

Design & Display
In-screen Fingerprint Scanner
Premium Design

OnePlus 6T is a smartphone with a premium design which is made up of glass. The rear and front are made up of glass. It comes in two colors which include midnight black or mirror black. We were so disappointed due to the lack of colors, we expected far much more colors than this. It has a screen dimension of 157.5 x 74.8 x 8.2mm, the back of the phone you will find two sensor camera which and a flash below it.

The phone feels comfortable holding due to its size. The left-hand side of the device consists of the volume keys, while the right-hand side consists of the power button, a slider which gives you the ability to mute your smartphone. On the bottom of the phone, you will see a USB-C port which has a speaker and microphone beside it. We expected 3.5mm headphone jack but we were disappointed it wasn't there.

It has a display size of 6.41-inch AMOLED screen, an aspect ratio of 19:5:9. The screen is a bit long but isn't longer than its rivals. OnePlus 6T has a screen to body ratio of 86%. It has a screen resolution of 2340x1080 with 402ppi. It enhances the display quality making it looks more vibrant and bright.

This is good news for gamers and movie freaks because they can enjoy the display at the highest quality. It has many phone locks, the impressive one is the on-screen fingerprint sensor. This is rare in newly produced phones. The on-screen fingerprint sensor is located at the front of the device, it is easy to use due to its quick scanning feature.

OnePlus 6T also has Face Unlock, it responds faster and unlocks your device as fast as possible, but we preferred the fingerprint scanner to it because, once you get used to it, it becomes easier and secure.

Low Battery Capacity
Fast Charging

OnePlus 6T comes with a battery capacity of 3700mAh which is much bigger than its predecessor, you may wonder why isn't there 3.5mm headphone jack. We probably think OnePlus didn't include it just to improve the battery life. The battery isn't as low as it was on paper.

The battery can last for a whole day with some few percents left in the tank under moderate use. During our test, we tried watching a 120-minutes video in the highest resolution with the highest brightness, OnePlus 6T only lost 15%.

Most smartphones use the wireless charging technology, but as for the OnePlus 6T it doesn't possess this feature. OnePlus 6T supports fast charging, we recommend you don't use it regularly due to its effect on battery life span.
Full Review On OnePlus 6T

Dual Rear Camera
Poor Low-light Photos

OnePlus 6T comes with dual rear camera, it includes a 16MP sensor which is a wide-angle lens and a secondary lens which is 20MP. Both lenses have an aperture of f/1.7.

The camera modes are normal, it consists of manual, portrait, panorama and automatic. The video modes include time lases, automatic mode, and slow motion.

The app interface is quite decent, it gives quick access to it tools that are useful, it includes self-timer, aspect ratio, flash and Google Lens which you can get from your camera app viewfinder.

The OnePlus 6T composition is enhanced by the display which shows one of three grids on the display screen, the smile capture, auto night scene, and auto HDR can be toggled on easily. It also has many more features which are not included here.

OnePlus 6T photos under natural light or sunlight looked well detailed and bright but photo quality, when zoomed in, is quite poor. As we mention earlier low-light picture are also poor.

The AI-assisting nightscape mode creates a challenge on exposure in night mode. The AI-assistant brighten the photos taken, but if used under direct sunlight the images looked overexposed. During our test, the bokeh effect isn't nice as we expected the lack of depth sensor was one of the problems here.

The Selfie camera is nice, it has good lighting and sharp photos. It has 16MP and an aperture of f/2. The video performs at 4K, the stabilization and focus are decent. That's all for OnePlus 6T camera.

Large RAM Capacity
OnePlus 6T comes with two modes of storage, it includes 6GB or 8GB RAM, they both can be paired with an internal storage of 128GB. The 8GB can also be paired with a 256GB version. The storage capacity is large in enough to run any app without lagging. We tried multitasking and running large apps we didn't notice any sign of lag.
Full Review On OnePlus 6T

Interface & Performance 
Android 9 Pie 
Fast Interface 

OnePlus 6T runs on Android 9 Pie, and also uses its own OS which is called the OxygenOS.  It comes with extra feature to the Pie OS which makes it a little different from the stock Android. OxygenOS also has similar features as the Stock Android, but there are many more tweaks. OxygenOS makes it possible to access the app drawer with just a simple swipe which can be done from the bottom.

We're so impressed to see OnePlus 6T is free from bloat wares, this doesn't mean it does not have, it has but it's as minimal as possible. OnePlus 6T loads app faster, thank you for the Smart Boost. This amazing smartphone has more gesture. It includes Navigation Gesture and many more, this feature enables the bottom of the phone to swipe along.

It also has the double-tap-to-lock feature or tapping the screen with three fingers at the same time to take a screenshot. OnePlus 6T gives its user the ability to upgrade their Android version to Android Q Beta. The OnePlus 6T is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processing chipset which has the ability to give a great performance.


OnePlus 6T is phone good enough with stocked Android premium features. It has a large screen, decent storage capacity, and average battery capacity. The camera quality isn't that bad but it's okay for day-to-day activity. The price tag is really worth it.

If you're looking for a phone with such a premium feature you can go for the OnePlus 6T.

We appreciate you for going through our review on OnePlus 6T, we expect feedback(s) from you through the comment section!

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