Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Full Specifications & Price

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Full Specifications & Price

The recent technology of network - 5G is really something to think about. It has a speed of 1Gigabit per second which can be able to penetrate in any location with high speed. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is one of the few phones with this extreme feature at the moment. The phones huge display is really wonderful, it's so large enough to play video games, and stream movies on Netflix. We're lucky that this is the first Samsung phone with the 5G technology.

The phone isn't yet available worldwide, it is only available in America. Like I mentioned earlier it speed is about 1.4Gbps it gives you the glimpse of what's yet to come, that's the feature of the network. It has faster download speed than the 4G LTE, it also has big battery capacity, nice camera as well as enormous storage.

The S10 5G was announced with its counterpart, the S10, S10 Plus, S10e in April, Korea, it was also released in the United States on May 16.

Samsung Galaxy S10 54 Price

This unique smartphone isn't up for sale at the moment this article was written. It costs $1299 to $1399 which is equivalent to N468000 to N505000

Design & Display 
Huge Screen Size 

It has a very huge screen size of about 6.7-inch. It is a bit wider and taller than that of Galaxy Note 9 and 8. It is even thinner than both and has a larger battery capacity. It is also difficult to hold with one hand or else you have a very big palm. It weighs about 198g which is light enough taking account of how large it is.

The Samsung Assistant Bixby is located at the left side while the power key is located at the left. The Bixby assistant is quite better and easy to use than that of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The USB-C port and headphone jack are placed side by side in the center of the base. We're really happy that the 3.5mm headphone jack is still present, it allows you to plug in your headphones without an adapter.

The display is really eyed catchy, it's really fascinating. It also has a 19:9 AMOLED screen which is bright, colorful and vibrant enough.

Punch-Hole is really big. It's placed in the notification bar and does not have any effect when using it. It has a QHD+ resolution with pin-sharp visuals. The edges are curved perfectly.

The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is embedded within the screen, the back of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is clean with a little bump where the camera is.

The fingerprint scanner is pretty quick, even though your hand is wet or cold it still works perfectly.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Full Specifications & Price

Four Rear Cameras 
Time Of Flight Camera

The Galaxy S10 5G is the only Samsung headset to boast four rear cameras except the Galaxy A9 2018. The first there cameras aren't any different from that of Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. The main camera has 12MP with variable-aperture, 16MP ultra-wide camera of 123-degree, and a 12MP telephoto lens. We explained all these in detail in our review on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

The fourth camera is the hQVGA 3D depth sensing camera that most people know as the time of flight camera (TOF).

This isn't the first phone with the Time-of-flight feature, iPhone X is one of the few phones with this feature. The TOF provides a well-detailed picture with perfect depth this allows face recognition to be much easy. The 3D imaging, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR)  are also enhanced by the TOF.

The 5G makes virtual reality, and augmented reality faster and easier.

The TOF depth-sensing camera also helps to optimize photos taken by other camera and give perfect background blur even while using the Live Focus portrait mode.

The camera app features are very easy to use, during our test were able to change the main lens and the wide sensor lens real quick. The on-screen toggle makes it easier.

The ultra-wide sensor was "wow" when we're left mesmerized by the way captured its surroundings perfectly. The shutter speed was really quick and the Live Focus background blur allows live preview even better taping for the shutter button. It differentiates between the object and the subject perfectly.

Large Battery Capacity 

It comes with a whopping 4,500 mAh battery capacity. Even with the large display and the 5G network the battery still last.

The battery last for a whole day under heavy usage. This is quite cool. This phone was mainly designed for heavy users. The Galaxy S10 5G can also support wireless charging, mainly the Samsung Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 technology which allows it, user, to top their battery percentage efficiently.

It also supports Wireless PowerShare which isn't any different from S10 Plus. It gives has the ability to charge your friends phone when his/her phone runs low. It also supports wireless charging for another headset that is Qi-compatible even iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Full Specifications & Price

Large Storage Capacity

It comes with a whopping 8GB RAM which is able to run any app without lagging. It also has an internal storage capacity of 256GB which can be expanded to 512GB. This is enough to store your entire music, document, videos, etc.

Interface & Performance 
Android 9 (Pie) 

It runs on Android Pie, which we all expected. It also has a high-end octa-core processor. The processor makes it possible to run any app without showing any sign of lag. We tried running large games such as Fortnite, PUGB, GTA 5 during our test and it was going smoothly.
The user interface is quite easy to use and you can easily tweak the home screen to your choice.


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G being one of the few phones with such network connectivity isn't going to be sold for just a few tokens. The huge screen and high battery capacity is also something to talk about. It also has a whopping storage capacity to download as many things you wish to download.

We appreciate you for going through our review on Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. We expect feedback from you through the comment section!

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