How To Stop Auto Download On Android Device

How To Stop Auto Download On Android Device

It's really annoying when we purchase little amount of data, the next thing we see is an automatic update or application download which we didn't allow. This glitch is caused by so many things which include malware, viruses, automatic updates, etc. Let's walk you the five common steps to prevent this.

Disable Google Play Store Automatic Updates 

Google Play Store is an all App Store for Android where you download various applications you wish to download. It has a default setting which is enabled - Automatic App Updates. It is mostly set at Wi-Fi on default. It means that when you're connected to a Wi-Fi your applications automatically update. If your phone setting is set as Mobile Data, it means if you switch on your data applications that require update will automatically update without asking you. In order to prevent this from happening, follow the steps below :

Step 1: Go to Play Store
Step 2: At the top left you'll see three dashes, tap on it
Step 3: Scroll down, you'll see Settings, tap on it
Step 4: Tap on Auto-update Apps, then choose Do not Auto-update apps.

If this is disabled, you won't see any app download, if you want to update your apps then you have to do it manually or use make use of Wi-Fi only if you choose Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

Monitor Background Data Usage 

It's so annoying when we see apps we don't need or never wanted to start downloading without our permission. Thus, this issue is really common among Android users, sometimes sponsored apps or apps downloaded from an advert get installed on our phone, then we tend to get surprised where it came from. In most cases, it is caused by background data. In order to disable Background Data follow these steps below:

Step 1: Open Settings
Step 2: Go to Wireless & Networks > Data Usage
Step 3: You'll see all applications that run on background data, if you will like to stop a certain app, you can do that by tapping on it and toggling on 'Restrict Background Data'

After this is done, you've successfully disabled background data, apps that automatically download using background data would be disabled too.

Monitor Your Recently Installed Launcher 

Due to customization lots of people prefer using launcher than the default user interface of their phone. Not to take off the battery it consumes and how slow your phone become it also download applications without your consent. If you're sure it is caused by your launcher then you should Uninstall the app without thinking twice. If this is not the issue then you can Install the app again (which is the launcher). In order to uninstall the launcher follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: Go to Apps
Step 3: Look for the app and tap it, you'll see an uninstall button, tap on it.

Clearing Apps Cache

If you really don't know where the problem is from, the only way out is clearing cache of suspicious apps. If any of the methods listed above didn't work for you, this is the only method left. We recommend you don't do this If you've not tried the methods above. Clearing your app cache literally delete your app data which enhance the smooth functioning of them.

After clearing you might feel bad due to the data you lost but trust me, it's worth it. In order to Clear Apps Cache follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to Settings> Personal > Backup & Reset (Some smartphone has direct access to Backup & Reset).
Step 2: Tap on Personal data reset l
Step 3: After tapping it, you'll see a screen which shows the type of data that will be cleared. Tap on Reset device.
Step 4: After tapping Reset Device, it clears all your personal data as well as downloaded apps.  If you have a security lock, you have to unlock your phone before this could be done.

After clearing your phone automatically reboots.

Change Google Details 

Most users who face an issue is caused by Bluestack installed on your Personal Computer. Due to Bluestack, due to synchronization, it downloads data and apps without your permission. In order to stop this, you have to sign out your Gmail account or remove I'd possible. You can also change your Google account password instead. Changing your password automatically blocks the authorization of installing the app without your consent.

Conclusion: In this article we talked about the various methods of stopping auto download which includes Preventing Background Data, Changing Of Google Account Details, Disabling Auto-download on Play Store, etc. If these methods are followed strictly then you will be able to prevent this from happening, if this still persists you can share it to us through the comment section.

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