How To Delete Apps On iPhone

How To Delete Apps On iPhone

It's so annoying when your iPhone runs out of storage, the first thing that comes to your mind is deleting of apps you don't frequently use. Even if your iPhone has large storage it is necessary to delete apps that aren't frequently used, in order to speed up your phone. There are different ways to remove apps from your iPhone. We will walk you through the various ways you can remove the app from your left iPhone.

Smart Method 

Getting rid of apps in a smart way is quite easy. In order to free up your space, you should try this. You can so delete apps through your Settings menu, but you can still remove apps on your phone without removing any remanded data.

This way is re-installing the app, it brings to back to where the app was before selecting it. Using this method, you won't lose any of your saved data, project, photos or game progress. In order to do this follow the steps below:-
 Step 1: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
Step 2: You'll see a long list of applications installed, if you tap on one of this app it takes you to a page that shows how much storage space it consumes. You'll see Two delete buttons
Step 3: The first, 'Delete app' while the other 'Offload app'. Delete app will delete all apps data while Offload app deletes bulk data and leaves the important one.

Standard Method 

This is done with quick gestures that help you delete iPhone app within a few seconds. In order to do this, you'll have to long press an app icon, after 2 seconds the app icon will start jiggling side-to-side. This is the home editing mode that allows you to rearrange app icons and delete apps. You'll see a cross button at the corner of the app, click on it a pop up will show that will confirm that you want to delete the applications. Don't forget to press the app icon lightly because if you press it hard it'll think you want to use the pressure-sensing gesture on the iPhone. Don't forget this method delete the whole data and app. You can backup your data to the cloud before deleting it.

Auto Delete Method

As said earlier, offloading apps is quite a good concept. iOS automatically offload your apps when your storage is low. This feature is mainly called Offload Unused Apps. In order to do this, follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage

Conclusion: In this article, we talked about the various methods that help you Delete App on the iPhone. These methods include - Auto Delete, Smart Method, and Standard Method. This Standard method is much better for iPhone users. We hope for your feedback in the comment section!

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