Full Review On Samsung Galaxy A40

The Samsung Galaxy A Series smartphones are incredibly good. The A40 doesn't have as much features others but it's cheaper than other A series smartphone except the A30.

It's a mid-range phone and has fewer features than the Galaxy A50, A70 and A80. Everybody wants a feature stocked phone but for Galaxy A40 the reverse is the case. It's just phone to save money, the A30 or A20 still has a lower budget.

Hence, the release date hasn't been disclosed yet neither the price. The article would be updated as soon as the release date is disclosed.

Design & Display 
One-handed Phone 

Galaxy A40 is the only A series phone that you can hold with one hand without any problem. It's narrow and short than the rest.  The size of the phone is 144.3 x 69.0 x 7.9mm. The same way it is easy to hold is also the same way it is easy to operate with one hand. You don't need any support from the other hand. The premium designs are what makes it special. The Galaxy A40 compromises of plastic and glass, even with that it still looks cool and nice. The colors available aren't any different, it's blue, white and pink. We can only recommend the pink door the females, the blue is so cool and nice.  We all have our own choices, but for us, the blue color is the best.

It has a fingerprint scanner that one can reach Wyeth ease, the volume keys wave power button lies on the right side. At the base, we can see a speaker (single), 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port.

It has a screen resolution of 5.9-inch Full HD with a Super AMOLED display of 1080 x 2220. Isn't that impressive?  Yes, it is. It gives bright visuals and a bit colorful. In the middle of the screen, we can find a small camera-sized notch.

Two Rear Camera 

Like the others, it has two rear cameras, with 16MP and 5MP respectively. The main sensor has a focal length of (f/1.7) and depth sensor having a focal length of (f/2.2).

It gives a nice background blur while using the portrait effect mode. Moreover, the selfie camera is single. It has a megapixel of 25 and a focal length of 2.0, to give you quality selfie photos.

Fast Charging 
Average Battery Capacity

We all expected larger battery capacity but it's unfortunate we couldn't get what we hoped for. It has a 3,100mAh battery capacity which is quite small even though it supports fast charging ability of 15W. It's so obvious the phone can't be used heavily due to low battery capacity. We would recommend this for an average user. During our test, the phone couldn't last all day long when used heavily, such as the use of GPS locator, Wi-Fi, Movie and streaming and social use, we noticed the battery percentage drops quickly.

Storage & Interface 

After the blow on the battery capacity, no one would expect a much larger storage capacity. Galaxy A40 has a storage capacity of 4GB RAM and a 108GHz octa-core chipset. It has an OS of Android 9 (Pie).  Due to the low storage capacity, it's advisable to not run or install large apps. If you're the type that consumes space a lot. We'll advise you to keep an eye on the storage. It uses the Samsung One UI interface. The only impressive part is that you get a 64GB storage, with an option to expand to 512GB with an external microSD card.  The microSD card is sold separately. It's so obvious that the expandable storage would put a smile on everyone's faces.

The Samsung Galaxy A40 doesn't have stocked features same as it isn't expensive. It is nice and cool. It has an expandable storage space of 512GB which is the most commendable part of the phone.

We appreciate your time going through our review, we would even appreciate more if you could tell us your thoughts through the comments section!

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