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Samsung has produced one of the best phones at the moment, with the Samsung Galaxy A series launched. Samsung Galaxy A 30 is one of them with its little convincing camera abilities. It has a Vibrant Super AMOLED Display like other A series. It has a very fast UI (User Interface). It is the most affordable of the A series so one would expect fewer features.

The official release date hasn't been disclosed and no price attached to it.

Design & Display 
Large Screen Size 
Light to Hold 

The A30 has a large screen, it does not weigh much and it is light to hold. It is very thin with a thickness of 7.7mm which is quite the same with that if A50. It has a reduced bezel display. Its colour is not catchy. The polymer at the back is made of some silver-painted frame plastic, which also means it doesn't have a glass back or aluminium frame.

It has a very vibrant screen, the only feature that stood out. The colour pops and contrasts excellently. It has a screen size of 6.4-inch Infinity-U AMOLED. Due to its vibrant display, it is pretty good for movie streamers and video gamers. The tear-drop notch is used for housing the front camera (selfie).

It was a surprise to see a 3.5mm headphone jack, which comes with a USB-C connection that lies at the bottom of the smartphone. The side of the phone consists of the volume and the power button.

It is also difficult to use the fingerprint sensor due to the large screen, with this it depends on the way the user decides to hold his a phone. It could be a little easier for him/her. The colours available for sales after its release are - red, white, black and blue. We won't recommend buying the white colour due to the difficulty found keeping it clean. It gets dirty faster than other colours.

Dual-Lens Camera 
Poor Camera Qualities

It has a rear dual-lens which consists of a 16-megapixel main sensor and an aperture of f/1.7, the second lens being ultra-wide lens has a megapixel of 5 and an aperture of 2.2. The selfie camera has a 16MP.

Samsung brags about the excellent user interface, with impressive modes and effect week fast shutter speed witch captures movement as quickly as possible, but the A30 is quite disappointing in this. The Live Focus mode always blurs the background of the subject too much or too little, it is something to worry about. The Auto Selfie Function that works perfectly with a mere waving of hand is quite different here because it doesn't pick those gestures easily. The Scene Optimizer effect does not even make any difference.

The images taken with the A30 aren't impressive, it has low contrast. The images aren't as terrible as you might think but we expected something better from a Samsung smartphone. The camera quality is good for social media use and video chat.

4000mAh Capacity 
Fast Charging

Its battery capacity is 4000mAh, which can obviously last for a day even for heavy users. The life span of the battery depends on the application you throw at it. It was also noticed that the battery percentage drops easily when running large application. It also supports fast charging of 15W, which isn't as fast as we expected.

Specs & Features
Android 9 OS. 

It has an OS of Android 9(Pie). Its User Interface is quite impressive. It opens an app with ease, the same applies to the navigation.

Storage Capacity 
Low Memory

Low memory is something to worry about when using smartphones. It has an internal storage of 32GB as well as 3GB RAM. The internal storage can be expanded to 64GB/4GB. It also supports the use of a microSD card. The low memory makes it difficult to download large apps and videos.

Samsung Galaxy A30 would come cheaper than any of the A series due to is low capabilities. It has a sizable screen display, a good user interface and a dual-lens front camera. The large battery capacity which can last for all-day performance.

We can't recommend this to heavy phone users due to its low performance. Though you expect more from Samsung on this product? Yes, we all do. We can't expect much due to its low price.

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