Few Tips To Extend Smartphone Battery Life

Few Tips To Extend Smartphone Battery Life

Immediately you get a new phone, your phone battery seems good. Time flies by,  the power reduces then you tend to worry a lot about it. 

Lots of things you do affects your battery life without you knowing. You install a bunch of apps as well as customization which includes your home screen widget. After you've sync all your social media accounts, you start receiving lots of notifications which strain your battery life.

As long as you continue to make use of your smartphone, the battery capacity degrade and it starts to consume lots of power, and it doesn't last as it uses to. Just like your life span, a three years old battery isn't capable of what a newly produced battery can do. Hence, there are few tips to take into consideration to lengthen your battery life, if these tips are followed inherently it'll extend your battery life span.

The Best Time To Charge Your Phone!

We all are eager to top up our battery, especially when it's between 50-90%. It's the main rule to follow to extend your battery life. Lots of smartphone users do forget to unplug after reaching 100%. 

Smartphone users offer to charge their phone overnight. There's nothing bad about fully changing your phone, but if it's done always it becomes shorten your battery lifespan. Also, it isn't recommendable to let your smartphone battery go below 20%.

Avoid Fast Charging!

Recently, the smartphone now allows fasts charging. It also comes with the normal charger in the pack. The popular fasts' charger is the Qualcomm Quick Charge, it uses a special code which is found in a chip in your smartphone called Power Management IC, it sends a signal to your charger and request power at a very high voltage to fast charge your smartphone. 

Fasts charge shouldn't be used often, it is created to top up your battery. It doesn't really affect your battery life span if it's done often, but it makes your battery generate heat which results in battery swell.

We recommend you use the slower charge often to extend your battery life span.

Avoid Frequent Use Of Power bank!

Those that use power bank often do notice that the battery runs low quickly compared to when you charge your phone with a slower charger.  

Power back degrade your battery ability, Power bank is only made for backup. If Power bank is used often, we recommend you charge your phone fully with a slower charge more times that you do with a Power bank to refrain the lost ability.

Avoid Charging Phone Overnight!

Lots of smartphone users prefer to charge their phone overnight just to hit 100% before they go to work the next morning. This practice isn't a bad idea, only if your phone has stopped charging when it's full. The recently produced smartphone is intelligent enough to stop charging when it's full, thanks to the 'No Charge' feature that made this possible.

Leaving your phone charged over the night still isn't a good idea, even though you have the No Charge feature. We recommend you remove the back panel or case from your phone when charged overnight to avoid overheating which can cause an explosion or rather affect your battery which leads to battery swell. 

Is It Necessary to Charge My Phone Fully?

In most cases, the answer is No,  it isn't necessary to fully charge your phone every single time. Smartphone veterans recommend you do a “charge cycle” once a month.

What is a Charge Cycle?
From the word charge and cycle, it simply means charging your phone from 0percent to 100percent. Doing a Charge Cycle rejuvenate your battery, and makes it last like a new one.

Avoid Using Any Charger You See!

People tend to be arrogant to this, due to being obsessed with charging they want to make use of any charger that comes their way. The charger that comes with your phone after the purchase has some specific features which are the correct fit to your phone. 

Lots of people tend to buy or use any charger they see and turn blind eye to how harmful it is. Some charger doesn't have the right voltage to charge tire battery. There's a fact you should know, your smartphone draws the main power it needs from a charger. Think about drawing a lower or greater amount of power, it will obviously result in an explosion or your battery getting damaged. 

We recommend you should check the ability of a charger, if it suits your device then you can make use of it.

Conclusion: In this article, we talked about the various methods of extending our battery life. We mentioned the few reasons why we should avoid the use of Power banks, fast charging as well as any charger that cross our way. If these tips and are strictly followed we assured you that your battery degradation will definitely reduce.

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