How To Become A Developer On Your Android Phone

A few research I made showed that only a few Android users know how to access developer options on their phone. You can do that with just some few steps I have composed for you all!

You may ask what is Developer Options?
The Developer Options menu in Android is a hidden menu with lots of advanced options. These options are intended for only developers, but many of them will be important to android guru's, so for you to be a guru on Android you have to do this.

How To Access Developer Options?
In order to access the Developer Options on your mobile phone, you need to unlock them in order to access it. This is one of the Android hacks and tricks that are mostly not activated by a large number of Android smartphone users. Some of the advantages of using this feature are for high performance, easy device configuration, etc..
Along with this the users also have the option to view their smartphone's statistics where they can disable functions like bloatware as well as autostart applications.

This is how you can access the developer options in Android Smartphones:
Step 1: First open the Settings app and then click on System. Some phones may not have this option so they can simply proceed from the second step.
Step 2: Now look for the About Phone option and click on it.

Step 3: Find the Build Number and tap on it exactly 7 times, not less or more.

Step 4: After your seventh click, then a notification will show up stating that I’m already a developer.
Step 5: Then go back to the System tab and you’ll now see the Developer Options section.

Step 6: At this point, you can tweak your smartphone as per your preferences.

As simple as that!

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